Role of the Curator-Restorer

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The fundamental role of the Conservator-Restorer is to preserve cultural property for the benefit of present and future generations. He or she contributes to the understanding of cultural property while respecting its aesthetic and historical significance and its physical integrity. The Conservator-Restorer is a professional who has the training, knowledge, skills, experience and understanding to act in order to preserve objects for the future.


The Conservator-Restorer's mission is the diagnostic examination, the conservation and restoration treatments of the cultural property. At each stage, he provides documentation of these interventions.
The diagnostic examination consists in determining

  • the constituent materials
  • the state of conservation of the object
  • identify its alterations, their nature and their extent
  • evaluate the causes of the damage
  • Determine the type and extent of intervention necessary to preserve it.
  • drafting of studies and documentation related to the cultural property.

Preventive conservation

Preventive conservation consists in acting indirectly on the cultural property, in order to delay its deterioration or to prevent the risks of alteration. It is a matter of creating the optimal conditions of preservation compatible with its social use. Preventive conservation is also exercised during the handling, use, transport, packaging, storage and exhibition of cultural property.

Curative conservation

Curative conservation consists mainly of direct intervention on the cultural property in order to delay its deterioration.


Restoration consists in intervening directly on altered cultural goods. The aim is to make them easier to read while respecting their aesthetic, historical and physical integrity as much as possible.

Studies and reports

The documentation consists of an accurate picture and written record of all actions taken and the reasoning behind them. A copy of the report must be given to the owner. Any additional requirements for storage, maintenance, display or access to the cultural property must be specified in this document.

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